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How To Remove acne Scars – Tips To Clear Your Skin Of Acne Scars



The Causes Of Acne?

how to remove acne scars Acne is an embarassing skin infection, a disease of the pilosebaceous units, that also causes social problems to millions of people of all ages all over the world. Acne mostly sets in after attaining puberty in the teens whenever sebaceous (oil) glands attached to the hair follicles are stimulated. Acne can also occur as a result of hormonal changes. It is not uncommon to also find some baby acne infection and infant acne scars on toddlers skin. It also occurs in women in their mid-forties whenever there is hormonal imbalance.


What are Acne Scars?

Simply explained, acne scars are the scars formed on the part of skin due to an injury caused to tissues by acne. The injury is caused as a result of the body’s inflammatory response to sebum, bacteria and dead cells in the plugged sebaceous follicle.

Types of Acne Scars

There are two main types of acne scars, defined by tissue response to inflammation. Scars caused by increased tissue formation, and scars caused by loss of tissue.

Besides acne scars, it causes damage to physical appearance which can result in a lower self-esteem, in addition to itching and pains caused to the skin. The  scars left on the skin of the affected victim can trigger social and emotional problems to the affected.
It also leaves scars on the affected parts of the body almost permanently if not properly treated.

Excessive amount of oil produced by the oil glands. When the oil produced by the oil glands, combines with the dead skin cells, this causes clogging in the follicle and therefore attracts bacteria.
This aids the bacteria to grow in the follicle that is clogged by the dead skin cells resulting in infection that causes acne.

Because oil is one of the factors that cause the acne, the areas of the body mostly affected acne and acne scars are areas prone to contain  a lot of oil glands. These include the face, the cheek, the chest,  the back, and the butt. Usually these parts of the body are more prone to acne infection compared to the other parts of the body.
However, acne can affect vitually any part of the body including the private parts like the penis.

As earlier noted, Acne has damaging attack on the skin and the affected people, the infected skin teens acne scars problembecomes reddish in color and itchy.
Sometimes this develops into whiteheads and blackheads that may be quite embarassing.  Also the scars left behind after the infection and inflammation  are disgusting. This can become a source of emotional distress to many of the affected people.

If mild or moderate acne is treated early, the problem of scars can easily be prevented.
Acne scars can be very difficult to remove if you don’t treat it in time and properly at the early stages of infection.
If allowed to develop into severe acne condition, more drastic solution may be required such as laser treatment or even plastic surgery to cure the infection and remove the scars.

The acne scars can stay forever depending on when and how it is treated and the steps taken to fade acne scars when they occur. If one deliberately squeezes the acne until it brakes, the scars may be difficult to remove. Using the most acne ointment in this case may not bring the desired fading result. The skin can also suffer indentation which may require plastic surgery which may become a choice at times to bring the skin back to normal.

Why Acne Scars Needs to be Treated Properly?

Since Acne is an infection, it is therefore necessary to properly understand the cause in order to prevent scarring. This will also help in the right approach on how to remove the scars with possibly cheap effective acne scar treatment.
Using antibiotic prescribed by a doctor may totally help sometimes to control acne. It is therefore necessay to consult a doctor for proper acne product prescription and the required dosage at early stages before it becomes severe leading to scarring.
For Deep Acne Scars Removal, an experinced expert may be necessary to prescribe effective Acne Scars


Remedies That Are cheap and easy to use on the long run.

When acne or pimples start to appear on any part of your body, it is usually associated with red bumps all over the part affected. The acne or pimples could at times be very painful. The bumps grow bigger gradually until they will pop open eventually.

The scars left behind by acne can ruin the beauty of the affected part of your skin and become embarrassing when such areas are visible to the public, such example is your face or cheek

Sometimes when you do not treat the scars appearing all over your face or the affected part properly, they can become permanent scars that may be difficult to remove. So, it is important for you to know how to either prevent or remove acne scars.


Methods of Acne scar removal .

There are quite some Acne Scar removal methods but the problem lies in selecting an effective method that best suits a particular situation. These methods vary from home made acne solutions, over the counter acne products, to acne creams, to surgeries.

It is important to note that not all these methods are effective in all cases. Some of these acne scar removal methods and products may not bring the desired result in the removal of acne scars.  Even going for chemical peels or Dermabrasion or even Laser treatments may only provide a temporary relief.  Over time the acne scars may begin to reappear again.

It is therefore advisable to study the process of any method that would be suitable before application. Once adopted, it is better to stick to that method and give it enough time for your cure before changing to another method.


Acne Scar Reduction

In scar reduction, The initial process is to gradually fade the size of acne scars until it gets to a stage cosmetic correction can be applied. In Acne Scar Reduction process, any required surgery is minimal and safe.


Bio-Oil Scar Treatment

Bio-Oil Scar Treatment have been recommended by some experts for acne scars treatment while some other experts are against its use. Bio-Oil is a topical skin care oil that may be used to reduce acne scars and even other skin conditions such as stretch marks, uneven skin tone or aging skin. It can be used on the body or face except the delicate parts close to the eyes. Bio-Oil acts as a moisturizer and helps the skin to become more elastic.  There are also so many reviews of Bio-Oil online because of its claimed efectiveness in acne scar removal. But some experts believe it is not as good as claimed as many irritating fragrance ingredients are included in the  product. They believe it may not make scars and stretch marks fade.


Acne Scar Removal Dermatologist

If you can afford the cost, you may go to a dermatologist and get most of your acne scars removed. This method is effective and safe since it is handled by an expert. The dermatologist properly examines your skin and scars. Both of you determine what treatment is best for you. Your dermatologist will then create a treatment plan for you that would be tailored towards your needs.



Dermabrasion is an abrasive surgery procedure. The epidermis and dermis of your skin are physically abraded in a controlled manner using a fine wire brush, a high-speed rotary abrader or a diamond fraise.

Dermabrasion surgery requires some steps that must be taken before and after the surgery. The preparation for the surgery is as vital as the actual dermabrasion surgery itself.

This surgery is considered as one of the most effective treatments for acne scars. The procedure is easy and straight forward. The surgeon first and foremost uses a local anesthetic or freezes the skin. Then he or she uses a high-speed rotary abrader to remove all the unwanted surface skin. This method of scar treatment may totally remove all the superficial scars and and also reduce deeper scars on the skin.


Over the counter treatmnts (OTC) for Acne Scarring

There are several Over the counter products for acne scars removal to choose from if you don’t want to experiment with Acne Scars Removal Home Remedies. These products are made of different kinds of ingredients, while prices differ appreciably from one product to another. The levels of effectiveness in reducing the appearance of scars also vary with different acne scars removal products. It can be difficult trying to pick the right ones. Patience and due diligence are therefore needed.

Many of these over-the-counter acne products are only available to treat mild to moderate acne infection or periodic breakouts. Over the counter products for acne include gels, acne cream, oil, ointment, cleansing lotions, foams and towelettes, and leave-on products for stimulating fresh skin cell growth. They also include ingredients such as corticosteroids, salicylic, antihistamines to aid in reducing itching and inflammation.

How do you know the best over the counter treatment for acne scars removal for you?
You have to know how the over the counter acne products work and the ingredients they are made of before that decision can be made. You can also make enquiries both online and offline. Then check genuine customers online reviews at to start with on the effectiveness of such Acne Scars Removal Products before making a purchase.


Home remedies for removing acne scars.

It is common for people who are affected by acne scars to start finding Acne scarring removal solution with home remedies. The reason is simple, considering various acne scarring removal methods, Home remedies For Acne Scars Removal are always the easiest to perform and at the same time the cheapest. Many of the ingredients used are readily available at home and cheap.

Majority of people affected by acne would rather prefer acne scar removal products, that are not very complicated, but easy to use at home.
With patience, right choice and proper application, most of these Acne Scars Removal Home Remedies can help you get rid of acne naturally over time.
Such Acne Scars Removal Home Remedies should contain the right ingredients that would actually treat your acne scars permanently while restoring the smoothness of your skin back to normal.


Acne Scars Removal Products At Home

There are many acne scars removal products for home treatments that are readily available. There are varieties from    soluble collagen, honey, hydrolyzed elastin, fruit and vegetable extracts like coconut extract, grape seed extract, pomegranate, blueberry, Aloe Vera and many others that can give your skin a whole new look of smoothness, freshnesness and beauty. The list is endless but not all are effective in every situation.


Natural Treatments for Acne Scars Removal At Home

Natural remedies have become very popular at home in recent years because they are often effective, easy and cheap. They are widely available. They tend to have fewer side effect compared with other forms of drugs or medication.

Tea tree oil, chamomile and Echinacea are some of the widely used natural herbal remedies known for treating acne.
It has been proved over time, that  Tea tree oil and other essential oils are not only effective for acne removal, they also have less side effects than benzoyl peroxide and other conventional acne treatments.

Natural acne scars treatments come in various forms, from lotions, to creams, other home made acne scar products or to even herbal formulations


Tea Tree Oil natural treatment for Acne Scars

Tea Tree Oil is an excellent antiseptic, antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral essential oil derived from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant that originates from Australia.  Tea tree oil is one of the best remedies against acne infection. It is also very effective in the treatment of acne scars.

Since Tea tree oil is known to have antifungal and antiseptic properties, it has therefore been widely used for many years as an antimicrobial agent and to help clear skin of acne.
Tea tree oil consists of terpenoids, which is known for its antifungal and antiseptic property.

Camellia Sinensis, or green tea extract, as it is popularly known, has a high content of Polyphenol, in addition to other important antioxidants contained in it. Green tea can be used  for many purposes.

Green tea acts as an anti-bacterial substance, and is therefore used in the defense against bacteria infection as it reduces hormonal activites. The reduction in hormonal activities controls acne infection.
Since acne is often caused by hormones in the body, when its activities produce excess oil that clogs pores, green tea can be a very good remedy to alleviate acne problem by decreasing hormonal activity when used.

Over time, it has also been obsevered that the constituents of green tea are potent in acne prevention.  These constituents help the body to fight against free radicals that are involved in cell and tissue damage.

Unlike many acne products and medications, green tea is known to have very few side effects, when compared to other  medications.

In order to prevent fermentation of its leaves, green tea is steamed immediately they are plucked and are still fresh. This prevents the oxidation of its leaves and helps to retain the active substances that are contained in the leaves.

Almond oil is very good in removing acne scars.

Acnezine acne solutions

If you looking for an effective remedy that can deliver appreciable at home Acne Scars Removal over a couple of months, then Acnezine acne solutions can be a good choice for faster results compared to some other home remedies. The result can be immediate and visible within a few months of usage.

Revitol Acnezine is a natural health supplement. It contains only natural organic ingredients and natural antioxidants instead of chemical elements that often have many other resultant side effects.

It functions on the circulation and also removes unwanted toxins on the body.

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How To Remove acne Scars - Tips To Clear Your Skin Of Acne Scars
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