Saturday, January 20, 2018


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So, let me start with a short introduction about myself.
My main objective of starting this blog was to share my acne story, the journey to clear skin, and also introduce some acne products and acne treatments that work fast including those products that helped in my battle against acne

Acne infection is a global problem that affects virtually every race. Many people all over the world who suffer from acne have tried many prescribed products and on the spot acne treatments, without getting any cure or being able to control the infection. Eventually, they lose hope, feel depressed, resulting in low self-esteem.
I went through all these and experienced life of severe acne in the past. So I know how horrible it feels.

What sparked my interest in acne treatment and prevention tips?

I suffered from  acne infection for more than 5 years before I finally discovered how to get rid of my acne problem and get clear skin. That was when I suddenly realised I had so much gained so much knowledge and interest in getting rid of acne/pimples. I suffered trying everything I came across until I came across the right acne solution. With the right knowledge, I was able to follow the right path to improve and treat my acne and enjoy again a healthy clear skin.

During this period, many doctors prescribed to me different solution from foods to avoid to antibiotics. I paid a fortune trying endless creams, cleansers, and pills, yet nothing worked. Meanwhile, my breakouts were getting worse by the day. It was a difficult period for me. It was difficult for me to leave home for work and before coming from work, I had to go through my routine of re-applying my makeup.

Then at work one day I became determined that if there was any acne cure at all I must get it, enough was enough.
I knew that the only way to rid myself of acne forever was to change my approach entirely. I fell in love with researching and applying natural approaches to acne in addition to other methods.

I mapped out a new lifestyle, starting my journey to a clear skin in less than 45 days. I found my skin began to experience new life that had been impossible for five years.

It became clear that I needed to share my knowledge and experience with others who also suffer from acne, and that was how I started this project.
Waiting to hear about your success story over your acne problem